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An important component of a diversified investment portfolio

Legal Services

Mattioli Woods plc has developed a major platform for the efficient investment of clients funds in SSAS,SIPP and other structures, and is able to make timely and effective investments in these wrappers. However, its efficiency and skill has unfortunately not always been matched by lawyers involved in such transactions. Many have struggled with subtle complexities, where their experience of these structures has been limited.

Therefore, Mattioli Woods has taken action to improve this performance by working in conjunction with Shakespeare Martineau, a recognised top-50 law firm, to create Mattioli Woods Legal.

About Mattioli Woods Legal

Mattioli Woods Legal is a specialist division within Shakespeare Martineau, created exclusively to serve Mattioli Woods’ clients.

The objective of Mattioli Woods Legal is to deliver property and other legal advice:

  • Effectively – with the skill and peripheral vision of a major law firm
  • Efficiently – with knowledge and existing experience of the structures
  • Economically – combining the above to create best service and delivery mix

In the majority of cases, Mattioli Woods Legal will be able to turn around a transaction in shorter timescales than alternative providers – dependent of course on the efficiency of the other party. This pace of work is partly related to the experience of Mattioli Woods Legal in this nature of transaction, and partly to the volume of work constantly undertaken with Mattioli Woods, resulting in improved communication lines.

Importantly for the client, Mattioli Woods Legal, as a division of Shakespeare Martineau, remains an independent adviser with all commercial relationships disclosed and agreed. Therefore, it is able to provide the best advice within the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s Code of Conduct. Mattioli Woods Legal creates an opportunity for Mattioli Woods’ clients and investment structures to exploit an expert, business-based service, and to be confident the advice delivered will be strong and accurate, delivering the desired results in an efficient manner.

About Shakespeare Martineau

Shakespeares is the second largest law firm in the Midlands. It has grown to become one of the region’s leading legal advisers, with offices across the East and West Midlands and Home Counties. The firm opened in Birmingham in the 1850s and in Leicester in 1768, and over the last five years has undertaken major changes in its approach to ensure it can offer a breadth and depth of legally-based solutions.

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