Shareholder Information

Shares Issued
At 31 January 2019, the Company has 26,386,906 Ordinary Shares of 1 pence each in issue. The Company does not hold any Ordinary Shares in treasury. Further details of shares in issue can be found in the Profile Page in the Share Price & RNS section of the site.

Significant shareholdings
At 30 November 2018, the Company had been notified of the following interests representing 3% or more of its issued share capital:

In addition to the above shareholdings, at 31 January 2019, 615,571 ordinary 1p shares representing 2.33% of the issued share capital are held by employees via the Mattioli Woods plc Share Incentive Plan ("the SIP"). The Group intends to actively encourage wider share ownership by its employees through the SIP and other share-based incentive schemes.

Shares Not in Public Hands
At 31 January 2019, 36.65% of the Company's AIM securities were not in public hands, including those securities held by Investec Wealth & Investment Limited. On 4 July 2017, the Company was notified that Investec Wealth & Investment Limited's shareholding had exceeded the 10% threshold for significant shareholders and this continues to be the case.

Shareholder Circulars
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25 Sept 2017Notice of AGM - held on 26 October 2017
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23 Sept 2016Notice of AGM - updated held on 25 Oct 2016
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18 Sept 2015Notice of AGM held on 15 October 2015
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22 June 2015Notice of GM held on 7 July 2015
 Proxy form for GM held on 7 July 2015

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