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Employers are becoming much more aware of the impact an employee’s personal life can have on the duties they perform at work.

An employee worrying about their health, or the health of a partner or child, or financial problems can cause them stress and in some cases, lead to them taking time off.
  • 18% of employees often lose sleep worrying about their finances*
  • 20% said financial worries often interfere with their work*
  • 46% of employees worry about their finances*
  • 74% of HR and benefits professionals said that financial education improves performance**
70Mattioli Woods can provide financial education as part of your benefits package. With our guidance and resources, your employees can make informed decisions leading to financial wellbeing. Our team can work with individuals and groups covering topics such as savings, investments, retirement planning and more. An employee assist line can enhance this offering and ensure your staff have someone to talk to about budgeting and debt counselling.

Financial Education

Consultant, Adrian Firth, said, "I have been involved in financial education sessions where people want a bit of advice on retirement, right through to helping them with a different situation, such as divorce. The session can be increasingly emotive and it is always great to see the difference a few meetings can have."

*Barclays Corporate and Employer Solutions (C&ES) – Financial wellbeing: the last taboo in the workplace?
**Nudge Global. Financial education the definitive guide 2015

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