Bad day at work

bad day at work

From time to time we all experience a bad day at work but what happens when it’s a really bad day? What happens when an employee reports in sick with a really serious illness (cancer, heart attack, stroke) or is involved in a serious accident?

Traditionally, such circumstances have been regarded as entirely personal. As an employer, you will of course offer words of concern, the employee will take sick leave, and staff may organise fundraising events. Surely it is then business as usual…?

It can be a rude awakening when an employer finds that their staff member’s misfortune is having an impact on the workplace. Your business may not only suffer from the loss of a valuable employee, but also from a drop in productivity caused by the disruption to colleagues.

If this was to happen to your business:
  • Do you have processes and procedures in place to support the employee?
  • If you provide healthcare benefits does the employee understand how to access them?
  • Are you able to provide access to advice on the many issues that will be facing them: childcare, finances, treatment options etc.?
  • What about support to their colleagues, who may be upset and worried about their friend?
Most businesses will not be able to provide all these services ‘in-house’ and this is where Mattioli Woods can help. We are able to provide the means for companies to provide the support employees and their families will need when faced with situations like these. Once in place, this support can be accessed via a range of telephone/digital advice services and face-to-face counselling.

Costs vary, but are surprisingly inexpensive and can return many times that amount in terms of employee morale and continued productivity even on really bad days.