Flexible Benefits

Flexible benefits

Deliver benefits your entire workforce will understand and appreciate

Total Reward Statements

Do your employees focus only on their basic salary? Are your employees aware of what you provide for them? Not knowing or understanding this can lead your employees to significantly undervalue their total package. Do you know how much these benefits are costing you as their employer?

Communication of an employee’s whole remuneration package is vital. Total reward statements put a value on the benefits provided in the form of an individual statement.

Total Reward Statements

The Mattioli Woods Create portal can produce management information reports to summarise the cost of each benefit and analyse the potential savings which are being achieved through approaches such as salary exchange.

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  • Real time reward information
  • Easy to understand benefit information
  • Clear and concise layouts to make it easy to explain the remuneration package
  • Cost savings on manual administration
  • HR Hub – UK and international capabilities

In addition, you can enhance your Create offering by including additional modules such as:
  • Voluntary benefits
  • Online payslips
  • Pensions modeller
  • Employee surveys
Total reward statements are included in our Create and Create Flexi solutions.
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