Due Diligence

Mergers & Acquisitions

Uncover significant risks, liabilities and identify cost savings for your business

Due Diligence

What is employee benefits due-diligence?

Due diligence aims to identify any potential risks, liabilities, cost efficiencies that lie within a company’s employee benefit programme.

Mattioli Woods has years of experience in this field working mainly with investors and their transactional advisors. We add real value to the mergers and acquisition process by identifying commercial opportunities both pre and post transaction; the latter which is often overlooked in the process by competitors.

We focus on the following:
  • Risk/liability mitigation – for both defined benefit and defined contribution pensions, including auto enrolment and also risk benefit plans
  • Increase company profitability and therefore exit value – full cost analysis of the employee benefit programme including premiums, fees, HR time management and IT capabilities
  • Communication – this can be a real issue especially post deal and therefore it is crucial to draft and deliver in the most appropriate format the key messages so that employees fully value and appreciate the benefits they have
  • Retention and attraction of key employees – a well-designed employee benefit programme has been used by many companies to ensure retention and attraction of key employees; we will highlight options available to achieve this
  • Supporting the business strategy – it is imperative that the correct benefit platform is put in place to meet with the growth ambitions of the company whether this be UK or Global
  • Benchmarking – it is important that the employee benefit programme is competitive within its given sector in order to retain and attract your most important asset – employees!
A comprehensive employee due diligence report is value enhancing to any mergers and acquisition transaction.
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