In addition to strategic planning and advice tailored to our clients’ personal wealth, we offer a number of innovative investment products and services to support client strategies.
Within asset management at Mattioli Woods, we use a broad range of investment fund managers – from large well-known investment houses to small, boutique firms – as well as designing and building our own focused funds, ensuring high-quality diversified portfolios.
Investment risk hierarchy
When recommending assets that best suit your needs, risk profiling will be required, accompanied by an in-depth discussion with one of our consultants. This will include completion of a document that will help us gain full insight into your financial position, which will assist us in developing a suitable investment strategy. Portfolios centre around the risk levels in the chart above.

A defensive portfolio is conservatively positioned, aimed at minimising the risk of losing any of the original investment. At the other end, an adventurous portfolio seeks higher returns, which may mean (in the short term) the value can go down and up sharply. It is therefore better viewed as a long-term investment.

Our discretionary portfolio management service is designed to be flexible to your needs, and your portfolio selection can be altered at any time to ensure it suits your chosen strategy.
A word from our clients...

"The technical knowledge is excellent; I have never asked a question they did not immediately know the answer to.

- Peter Waterfield ACII APFS, P W Financial Management Limited

"I would like to thank you for the excellent service you have provided over the last few years."

"We are extremely impressed with your organisation and have been absolutely delighted with the way you have looked after us."

"As always, you’re ahead of the game. Thank you for your efficiency and professionalism!"

"With Mattioli Woods we achieved more in one meeting than we did in three years with a previous provider."

"I have dealt with the Mattioli Woods team for many years and have been very pleased with the service I have received. This has delivered both strong investment performance for me and also a very high quality of service."

- Graeme Sword, Former Partner, 3i Group plc

"Thanks again to you and all your colleagues for their sterling efforts - particularly during what is still a very trying time for the world's economies."

- Derek Corner

"I have found the business to be extremely professional – both at the senior management and administrative levels. The quality of meeting preparation, reporting, and follow-up is very high. I have had no hesitation in recommending them."

- Scott Martin, Venture Capitalist

"Being proactive and sharp enables Mattioli Woods to react quickly to market fluctuations. They have a good network of fund managers to gage the ever-changing market conditions. Mattioli Woods are professional and instil confidence."

- Mr S