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Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is a tailored investment management service designed in response to our clients’ needs, and reflects the fact that the investment world continues to evolve rapidly. In a complex investment marketplace with a multitude of funds, the Mattioli Woods portfolio management service provides clients with actively managed investment strategies and solutions.
  • Proven investment strategies
    We are proud of our past performance, from which clients have benefited for years.

  • Economies of scale
    We can access products and pricing not available to individual investors

  • Tactical solutions
    We can move swiftly, when appropriate

  • Diversification
    Asset allocation is key, and we do this with conviction and agility

  • Choice
    A range of risk-weighted portfolios, tailored to suit your personal circumstances

  • High protection
    In addition to our own risk controls, we work with the world’s largest custodian

Our portfolio management service sits at the heart of our investment services and is overseen by our group investment committee and managed by our investment management team. Our consultants deliver a personal service to clients, to ensure the management of the portfolio meets individual investment objectives.

Clients using the portfolio management service benefit from active asset management, access to all asset classes, and greater diversification of investments, to ensure an effective distribution of risk. Our service delivers a superior risk-adjusted portfolio of investments in one cost-effective and efficient structure that assures the timely implementation of crucial investment decisions.

Meeting our obligations under the Shareholder Rights Directive II:
The Shareholder Rights Directive II (SRD II) is a European Union directive, which sets out to strengthen the position of shareholders and to ensure that decisions are made for the long term stability of a company.

Under SRD II we are obliged to publicly explain our policy on shareholder engagement. We are in the process of considering and developing our engagement policy. Further information will be available here shortly.
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