An important component of a diversified investment portfolio

Self-Invested Personal Pension

A SIPP is a Self-Invested Personal Pension that allows an individual to take control of their retirement strategy. The main advantage of a SIPP is that not only can you invest in traditional investments such as an insured based scheme but it is not limited to just stocks and shares. Unlike a traditional personal pension plan the SIPP can invest in assets such as direct commercial property, loans to third parties and or shares in an unlisted business or even approaching a bank for borrowings to fund property investments.
  • Tax relief
    Receive tax relief on contributions uplifting the amount you save
  • Tax-free cash
    From 55 you can take 25% of your pension as a tax free lump sum.
  • Flexible drawdown
    After age 55 there are no caps on the amount of income that can be taken
  • Time-costed fees
    Transparent charging structure, billed according to how busy your scheme is rather than your fund value.
  • Trust-based arrangement
    Therefore outside of your estate for Inheritance tax purposes
  • Multi-member scheme
    Couples and family members can pool their pensions under one arrangement.

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The Truth About SIPPS

At Mattioli Woods we act as administrator, consultant and financial adviser for our clients, providing a truly all inclusive service. This allows us to tailor each scheme to a client’s needs ensuring the client is making the most out of the flexibility provided by a SIPP.

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