Mortgage Advice


An important component of a diversified investment portfolio

Mortgage Advice

Taking out a mortgage is a big financial commitment. There are many variations and it is important to understand how they work in order to select the right mortgage product for you.

At Mattioli Woods we offer a comprehensive range of mortgages from across the market, and provide advice in the following areas:

  • First-time buyers
  • Home movers
  • Remortgage
  • Buy-to-let
  • Equity release

Our mortgage team will manage your application from commencement until completion, handling all paperwork on your behalf.

A mortgage is a secured loan taken out to buy property or land. If you fail to keep up the repayments on your mortgage, owing to changes in your own circumstances or other unforeseen events, the lender could take back your home and sell it to repay what you owe.

Your home is at risk if you do not keep up your mortgage repayments. Buy-to-let mortgages are not normally regulated therefore you may not have the same level of regulatory protection for this product as with other types of mortgage.

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