Employee Benefits
Our employee benefit solutions will help you to achieve the right mix to attract, motivate, retain, and engage the best team.

  • We will provide you with a wide and attractive range of flexible benefit options to pick from
  • Our dedicated team will be on hand to discuss and advise you on your options (including a full health-check of your existing arrangements)
  • We will provide you with the right tools to assist with the implementation and running of your employee benefit scheme

  • Whatever size your business, we will ensure you have the right amount of cover for your company and employees’ needs

Employee Benefits in 60 seconds

Employee Benefits in 60 seconds
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  • Flexible Benefits

    Attract the best staff and deliver benefits that your entire workforce will understand and appreciate.

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    Deliver benefits your entire workforce will understand and appreciate

    The Mattioli Woods flexible benefits schemes are designed to attract the best staff and deliver benefits your entire workforce will understand and appreciate.

    Flexible Benefits

    Financial Education

    Guidance and resources to support your employees' financial wellbeing.

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    Financial education is an important part of your employee benefits package

    We can work with you to cover savings, investments, and retirement planning. An employee assist line can enhance this and ensure your staff have someone to talk to about budgeting and debt counselling.

    Employee Engagement


    Tailored healthcare strategies from the leading providers of corporate healthcare.

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    Employers are becoming much more aware of the impact an employee’s personal life can have on the duties they perform at work.

    An employee worrying about their health, or the health of a partner or child, or financial problems can cause them stress and in some cases, lead to them taking time off.

A word from our clients...

"I was impressed by the proactive approach of Mattioli Woods which enabled me to optimise my pension funds."

- Clive Jackson, CEO, Victor

"I would like to thank you for the excellent service you have provided to both Nandas and myself over the last few years."

- David Weidenbaum, Managing Director, Baum Trading

"We are extremely impressed with your organisation and have been absolutely delighted with the way you have looked after us."

- Stewart Elliott

"As always, you’re ahead of the game. Thank you for your efficiency and professionalism!"

- Mike Scally

"With Mattioli Woods, we achieved more in one meeting than we did in three years with previous providers."

- Carl Jarvis, Managing Director, Newmarket Plant Hire Ltd

"You are becoming the 5th emergency service!"

- Michael

"It's rare today to believe that others are really doing their level best for you. Mattioli Woods is a pleasure to deal with."

- Corporate Client

"Mattioli Woods were able to communicate the minefield that is pensions in a way that we all understand."

- James Shearer, Financial Director, Dingbro Ltd.

We wanted a more professional grown-up approach to our employee benefits offering.  Your advice and support has been invaluable in supporting our rapidly growing business.

Becky Crisp, Head of HR & Operations, Arcus Global Ltd

I have the peace of mind that real care and attention is being applied.  I welcome the fact that they have always kept their promises.

Caroline Owen, Managing Director, Scotsdales

"We chose Mattioli Woods because we wanted a more professional grown-up approach to our employee benefits offering. Their advice and support has been invaluable in supporting our rapidly growing business."

- Becky Crisp, Head of HR and Operations, Arcus Global Ltd.

"Thank you all for your diligence in setting up our benefits package; it has been a pleasure working with you. I have already recommended your services."

- Corporate Client, Cambridge

"From the very outset right up to completion and beyond, Mattioli Woods informed me, guided me, assisted me, and made sure that I met all the deadlines on time."

- Terry Hunter, HR Manager, Titon Hardware Ltd.

"With the help of Mattioli Woods, Senergy is building a unified suite of attractive employee benefits packages. It is not just the technical expertise of the Mattioli Woods team that has helped make our working relationship such a success, it is the positive and engaging manner of all the colleagues that we have worked with, which makes our partnership so enjoyable."

- Vivien Broughton, VP Resources, Senergy

"They are particularly committed to maintaining effective communication with both the Company and our employees. These qualities are what set them apart from other providers and keep them as my employee benefit financial advisors of choice."

 - Anita Martin, HR Director, Plexus Ocean Systems Ltd

"I have always found Mattioli Woods to be responsive, knowledgeable, and willing to give clear, uncomplicated, and pragmatic advice.."

- Alison Proffitt, HR Consultant, ClearView HR