Financial Planning

Financial Planning

A full financial planning service for those clients who wish to have the very best, technical and professional advice

Executive Financial Counselling

Executive Financial Counselling (EFC) encompasses the sponsorship and provision of bespoke individual and personalised education, consultation and financial advice to executives and management within a company, which may also be extended to other key employees in the business.

Our EFC service aims to:
  • Deliver accurate education and trusted advice that is innovative, proactive and tailored to you
  • Deliver clear and bespoke financial planning
  • Create individual tax-efficient solutions
EFC services are naturally suited to employees who are at the higher end of your salary scale or those experiencing rapid career progression, and delivered in conjunction with your existing employee benefit programme and pension scheme arrangements. It is specifically designed to help employees address the following:
  • Restrictions due to pension changes
  • Holistic financial planning
  • Pre-retirement planning
  • Share-based payments
Our experience tells us that when delivering communications covering financial matters such as education fees planning, tax efficiency, pension allowances, inheritance tax, pension freedoms and general holistic financial advice, this is best delivered in a face to face environment allowing education, discussion, clarification and ultimately, positive outcomes.

Ultimately, EFC services provide staff with reassurance in areas which are often not easy to understand, and helps staff use the financial resources available to them most effectively to achieve their goals. It is a service highly valued by staff with a corresponding benefit to those businesses which provide access to it.

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