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Structured Products

A structured product allows you to invest a set amount of money to give a return linked to the performance on an Underlier (a security or commodity, which is subject to delivery upon exercise of an option contract or convertible security).

The Underlier could be a share index, a basket of individual shares (e.g. M&S, Barclays Bank, Glaxosmithkline), a property index (e.g. the average UK house price), or simply the inflation rate.

The Mattioli Woods Structured Products Fund

On 28 November 2016, Mattioli Woods launched its own Structured Products Fund. The Fund provides a unique way of benefiting from the returns of structured products as part of a diversified investment portfolio. Visit our dedicated website: and see our brochure here.

How do structured products work?

Investing in structured products allows you to potentially earn more than you would if you simply placed your money in a fixed-term savings account. For example, for £1,000, the return of a structured deposit lasting six years with the S&P500 as the Underlying, could be as follows:
  • If the S&P500 is higher at the end of the six years than at the start, you will receive back your original investment, plus an extra 35% - a total of £1,350.
  • If the S&P500 is at the same level or lower than at the start, but is less than 50% lower, you will just receive back your original investment of £1,000.
  • If the S&P500 has fallen by 50% or more, the amount of your original investment you receive in return is cut by the same percentage.

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