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Small Self-Administered Scheme

A SSAS is a Small Self-Administered Scheme known as an occupational pension and can only be established by a limited company. The SSAS is typically set up for the benefit of a company’s Directors or its senior employees.

Like the SIPP a SSAS is favoured because of the flexibility it provides both in terms of Control and investment flexibility. As well as being able to invest in wide range of assets such as direct commercial properties the SSAS can also make a loanback to the Limited company.
  • Tax Relief
    Receive tax relief on contributions uplifting the amount you save
  • Tax Free cash
    From 55 you can take 25% of your pension as a tax free lump sum.
  • Flexible Drawdown
    After age 55 there are no caps on the amount of income that can be taken
  • Time costed fees
    Transparent charging structure, billed according to how busy your scheme is rather than your fund value.
  • Trust based arrangement
    Therefore outside of your estate for Inheritance tax purposes
  • Multi member scheme
    Couples and family members can pool their pensions under one arrangement.

SSAS in 60 seconds

At Mattioli Woods, we act as administrator, consultant and financial advisor for our clients, providing a truly all inclusive service. This allows us to tailor each scheme to a client’s needs ensuring the client is making the most out of the flexibility provided by a SSAS. Like our SIPPs, every client is provided with a dedicated consultant and account manager to ensure a personal relationship is established from day one with our focus on integrity, compliance and attention to detail taking away the call centre environment offered by most pension providers.

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Loanbacks from a SSAS

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