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Individual Savings Account (ISA)

An Individual Savings Account (ISA) allows you to invest money each year tax efficiently. By combining this with flexible withdrawals an ISA allows investors the ability to build up a tax free savings pot that can be used for purchases, to help with retirement planning and most things in between! An ISA also caters for the majority of investment preferences by being able to invest in cash and/or stocks and shares.
  • Accessible
    Provides tax free withdrawals at any point
  • Tax efficient
    Capital gains and income are tax free
  • Investment options
    From cash to stocks and shares
  • Investment flexibility
    The ability to save regularly or ad hoc
  • Interaction with wider weath
    Compliments wider portfolios and a variety of needs
  • Ability to invest for children
    Via junior ISA, investors can begin planning for children/grandchildren
Investing in an ISA is a fantastic way of complimenting an existing portfolio, or simply providing an introduction to investing - all via a tax efficient structure. An ISA provides an investor with an annual investment allowance and the ability to invest in a range of assets such as stock and shares and cash. In comparison to a taxable investment, a higher rate taxpayer, investing £10,000 for five years with a 5% annual return could expect a tax efficient boost of:

Non-ISA (£)
ISA (£)
Total fund*
Tax payable*
Total return*
*Assumes all growth generated as income taxed at 40%

As each investor has their own annual allowance, the above effect could be even more noticeable for couples. With additional flexibility on withdrawals as well as investments for children an ISA provides a structure capable of catering for most eventualities, risk tolerances and stages of life.
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