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Critical Illness Cover

Improvements in medical treatment means that someone under 65 is five times more likely to suffer a critical illness than to die and more than one in two people are being diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime. Many people consider providing for loved ones in the event of death but there is arguably as great a need to provide in the event of diagnosis of a critical illness such as a stroke, heart attack or cancer.  Mattioli Woods will help you and your family.

  • Understand needs
    Consider family finances if we had a critical illness diagnosis.
  • Liabilities 
    Ensure funds are available to cover debts, care and bills.
  • Terms 
    Levels of cover vary, its important to know what’s covered

Protection and particularly Critical Illness cover can be complex as providers can offer a range of options, not all of which will be suitable or provide the same level of cover, this is particularly important when considering which potential illnesses are covered.   Our services and skills are focused on making this process easy for you and your family.

Critical illness cover can be purchased as a standalone policy or can be added to most life protection policies allowing for an earlier payment upon diagnosis if appropriate, however the purpose of the payment will dictate whether cover paid out during lifetime would be beneficial or not. For this reason it’s important we know our clients and their potential liabilities or requirements before offering a recommendation and we often consider the most flexible options to reflect their changing needs.

  • Understanding our client requirements and the intended purpose of any payment, allows us to recommend whether the most appropriate type of cover should be a lump sum or ongoing income and whether this should be in conjunction with a life cover policy
  • Access to the whole of market means that we are able to advise the best cover suitable to a client’s individual needs
  • Comprehensive and regular reviews of a client’s situation ensures they have appropriate cover at all times

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